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Narendra Singh

I am very happy to see this ca shiksha portal for ca students like me. This portal is very useful for all student they want to be a chartered accountant. If any CA student can't able to join private coaching classes so he can use this very helpful portal for prepration for ca examination.

Khushboo Bhardwaj

all those persons who had contributed for this innovative way of studies i m proud of them , really its good that connect C.A students in a simple manner .

Mahavir Prasad Agarwal

I would like to thankyou all for such an intiative taken by the Institute. I have never thought of such an excellent step our Insititure has taken. This will be certainly benefit the students in many ways and bring the opportunity to all the CA-Aspirants to one common platform of free study and help.....

N Sharma

I am a CA & CS working as FC in a MNC, its my wife who has joined CPT after persuasion from myself. With the responsibilities of two kids she was facing difficulties in joning a coaching as well as guidance. I got this site reference from President Message in CA journal. The site is extremely useful for the students like my wife. The following things i liked :- - The Simple Language ( with Use of Hindi and English both in between) - The Step by step explanation of Basics which are more important in CA rather than Just reading the theory. - Taking efforts for making it more interactive by changing visuals/notification on each basic or important point.

Nemai Banerjee

This is the unbelievable opportunity from just like my type of students, because I am self dependent and also I have lost both my parents at very young age. Now I am doing my learning plus earning both at present.

Ranjana Sarda

Really, u r doing a great job by providing this facility. As I am a housewife and have two daughters of 11 & 7 years of age, It's very tough to join the coaching classes. And we r staying in the small place MORBI (Rajkot) where no coaching for CA students are available. So, it's a great job.

MD Jahangir

Greeting from MD Jahangir I have no parameters to evaluate your this great help, Its really going to be immense support to student.